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What we spend and how we spend it

Budget Setting

The Commissioner is responsible for setting the budget for the police.

The total budget for 2019-20 is £294,371,000. The majority of funding is received through:

  • Government grants, calculated using a funding formula – 60%
  • Local police precept, from council tax – 40%.

Each year, the Commissioner must consult with the Chief Constable to set a budget for the forthcoming year and agree a medium term financial strategy that takes account of funding and spending plans for both revenue and capital.

In setting the budget, the Commissioner is responsible for setting the policing element of council tax (precept) within South Wales.  For 2019-20, this amount is £257.52 per year for a Band D property.

Statement of Accounts

2017/2018 Statement of Accounts Police and Crime Commissioner

2016/2017 Statement of Accounts Police and Crime Commissioner

2015/2016 Statement of Accounts Police and Crime Commissioner

Reserve Strategy

South Wales Police Reserve Strategy 2019-2023

South Wales Police Reserve Strategy 2018-2022

Financial Challenge

Information on the financial challenge can be found in the Medium Term Strategy that can be viewed through the links below.

Financial Strategy




  • Precept Proposal
  • Revenue Budget 2013-14
  • Revenue Forecasts 2013-17
  • Capital Strategy 2013-17
  • Value for Money Plan 2011-17

National Fraud Initiative


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