• To give victims and communities the right to request a review of their case where a local threshold is met, and to bring agencies together to take a joined up, problem-solving approach to find a solution for the victim.
  • Protecting the vulnerable, The ASB Case Review provides an important safety net for victims of persistent anti-social behaviour and those who may be most vulnerable.

In addition to the victim, the ASB Case Review can be activated by a person on behalf of the victim who is aware of the circumstances and acts with the victim’s consent.  This might include a family member, friend, carer, councillor, Member of Parliament or other professional.  The case can be reviewed by a panel providing it meets certain criteria. The review panel will be drawn from relevant organisations and will look collectively at the issues that have been reported.  Any actions that have been undertaken to determine if that action was adequate based on reasonable expectations and timescales will also be looked at.  The review panel will then make recommendations for further action to be taken in order to try and resolve the problem.

It must be reminded an ASB Case Review is not a complaints process, if you want to make a complaint about an individual’s conduct, you must use the complaints procedure of that individuals specific organisation.

The ASB Case Review can be activated if the below thresholds are met:-

  • Three incidents of ASB in a six month period reported by one person.
  • Five reported incidents of ASB in a six month period involving a linked location reported by more than one person.
  • One incident of hate crime reported by one person.

Putting victims first: the ASB CASE review provides a mechanism to ensure that a victim’s case is reviewed in order to secure a satisfactory resolution. The legislation requires the relevant local agencies to determine a local threshold for triggering the Case Review procedures.  It is important that these agencies ensure that victims are aware of the procedures, the circumstances in which they can apply for a formal review, and how to do so.  Consideration should also be given on how victims can best express the impact that the anti-social behaviour has had on their lives.

Involvement – Police and Crime Commissioners 

The South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner has ownership of the contact form portal, so each new case activated is seen and monitored.  The findings of the review will close the process and no further actions will be taken, however, publishing of the outcome is now required.

To activate an ASB Case Review please follow this link by clicking here.

This project is led by Gemma Woolfe. T: 01656 869366.