Independent Custody Visiting Scheme

“Independent custody visiting is the well established system whereby volunteers attend police stations to check on the treatment of detainees and the conditions in which they are held and that their rights and entitlements are being observed. It offers protections and confidentiality to detainees and the police and reassurance to the community at large”.

With around 26,000 arrests leading to detention in South Wales during 2019/20, it is an effective community oversight of police custody and one aspect of the Commissioner’s overarching scrutiny and oversight role.

South Wales Independent Custody Visiting Scheme and Animal Welfare Scheme Annual Report

Animal Welfare Visitors

South Wales Police are one of a small number of Polices forces with their own Dog and Mounted section, the Animal Welfare visiting scheme involves volunteers reporting on the welfare of the police dogs and horses through fortnightly visits to South Wales Police’s dog and mounted site. All volunteers will receive training and guidance to conduct these visits.

If you would like to contact us for more information about our volunteer visiting schemes, please email us at volunteer@south-wales.police.uk.