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Reducing Offending and Re-offending in the 18-25 Age Group

Reducing offending and re-offending in the 18-25 Age group is a priority for the Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable.

Project-18-25-Logo-815x1024 Reducing Offending and Re-Offending among the 18-25 age groupis a key priority for the South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner. It is widely acknowledged that people in this age group are committing a disproportionate amount of recorded crime, whereas re-offending has fallen dramatically in the under 18 age group. This project will therefore seek to build upon the successful model utilised across South Wales within the Youth Offending Services, where holistic intervention is embedded into practice.


The overarching aims of this project are:

  • To ensure a victim centred approach
  • To prevent offending and re-offending
  • To use resources more efficiently and effectively
  • To develop and deliver an effective diversionary scheme for the 18-25 age group
  • To increase public confidence

By extending the success of the Youth Offending Teams to the 18-25 age group, this project will seek to identify solutions that will improve the life opportunities of young people and empower them to take control of their lives and make positive contributions to their communities. Improving the pathway of transition between youth and adult services is also a key factor in preventing relapse and keeping young people engaged in services.

This project also aims to identify, and work with young adults who are deemed to be ‘at risk’ of offending. We will explore the opportunities for community based activities and interventions, and work alongside statutory and non-statutory agencies to identify sustainable services, in order that they may be diverted away from the criminal justice system at the earliest opportunity. We also aim to equip operational staff with the additional skills and tools that are essential in making swift and effective decisions, and to increase their confidence when dealing with young adults.

By involving victims throughout, in line with the Victim’s Code of Practice, and seeking their views when decisions are being made, offenders may be dealt with outside the court process. These community resolutions will enable the police to target resources more effectively, and this project gives us the opportunity to learn from other ‘Restorative Regions’ across the UK, and replicate best practice in South Wales.

Similarly, the project seeks to increase the confidence of the public in relation to this age group. The aim is to reduce the fear and stigma which currently pervades public thinking in relation to young adults. Through increasing awareness and positive reporting, it is hoped that the 18-25 age group is both better understood and received by the public.

The project team will work with a number of key stakeholders to achieve these aims which include: Youth Justice Board; Probation; Community Rehabilitation Company; Her Majesty’s’ Court Service; NSPCC; Universities; Job Centre Plus; Careers Wales; substance misuse services; Voluntary Sector agencies; Housing; Youth Services and Supporting People.

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