Commissioner joins Pride Cymru celebrations

The Commissioner and members of the team recently attended Pride Cymru in Cardiff. Held in and around Cardiff Castle, the event works to promote the elimination of discrimination, be it sexual orientation, gender, race, religion, disability, or impairment. Pride Cymru campaigns for equality and acceptance of diversity within our communities and strives towards respect for all.

The event provided an opportunity for members of the Commissioner’s team to hear and discuss policing opinions and experiences, providing valuable insights about the issues concerning people and feedback about how services can be improved.

Police and Crime Commissioner, Emma Wools, said “It was an absolute pleasure to be part of Pride Cymru 2024, it was such a brilliant and positive celebration of Wales’s vast diversity. Across Wales and beyond, LGBTQIA+ communities are still facing hate for simply being who they are. As newly elected Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales I will continue to march with and fight for this community and their right to live free of discrimination.”

The Commissioner and members of the team at Pride Cymru.

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The Commissioner and members of the team at Cardiff Mela.

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