Main Responsibilities

  • Provide financial advice to the Commissioner on all aspects of the activities of the South Wales Police, including the Commissioner’s own team, and financial aspects of the strategic planning and policy making process.
  • Ensure that the financial affairs of the Commissioner are properly administered and that the Financial Regulations are observed and kept up to date and providing a treasury management function.
  • Ensure regularity, propriety and Value for Money in the use of public funds.
  • Advise the Police and Crime Commissioner on the robustness of the budget and adequacy of financial reserves, and in respect of any consequential medium and long term implications of budgetary issues.
  • Ensure production of the statements of accounts of the Police and Crime Commissioner.
  • Advise, in consultation with the Chief of Staff, on the safeguarding of assets, including risk management and insurance.
  • Arrange for the determination and issue of the precept.