About Dewi the Dragon

In 2023, we introduced a mascot to our team as a way of bringing a unique personality to our engagement with children and young people, both in person and online. To help us choose the perfect name for our new mascot, we utilised our summer events to involve children and young people to share their ideas with us.

We were pleased to receive over 300 different names, which the Police & Crime Commissioner reviewed.

Based on the name that was suggested the most by children and young people, we are pleased to be able to introduce our mascot…….DEWI!

If you would like to invite Dewi and the team to a community event that you’re organising, please get in touch with us: engagement@south-wales.police.uk

Keep an eye on our socials for Dewi’s latest whereabouts and videos @commissionersw

Dewi the Dragon and staff from St Johns Ambulance

Dewi Delivers

In South Wales, we have developed an initiative entitled “Dewi Delivers”, this sees staff from the Police & Crime Commissioner’s Team working with colleagues from South Wales Police ICT Department to support groups and community projects within South Wales.

We have been able so far to recycle and donate over 40 tablet devices, 15 laptops and are working on new initiatives to support local groups at a time where technology is becoming increasingly more important.

What is Social Value?

Social value in procurement is about making sure that what we buy creates an overall positive impact on our people and communities. It can be divided into three main areas:

  • social: this is about improving the wellbeing of individuals and communities, encouraging interconnectedness and mutual support among people.
  • economic: this focuses on promoting economic policies and business practices that uplift society’s wellbeing.
  • environmental: this stresses the importance of sustainable processes that take care of both the social and physical environment, ensuring a viable future for everyone.