South Wales Police & Crime Panel

The Police and Crime Commissioner is subject to scrutiny by a Police and Crime Panel, which provides checks and balances in relation to the performance of the Commissioner and supports the Commissioner in the manner of a critical friend.  The Panel scrutinises the Commissioner and not the Police force. The Panel’s role is to scrutinise the performance of the Commissioner and to ensure transparency.

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Properties, rights and liabilities

Patrol Along Scheme

Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls: a Joint Strategy 2019 – 2024

South Wales Police – Gender Pay Gap 2023

The Police Liaison Unit

Commissioning of an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser/Advocate (ISVA) service

Supporting Victims & Witnesses:

Privacy Policy

Out of Court Disposals Scrutiny Panel

Community Surveys

These reports summarise the feedback and findings from our latest community surveys.

How to do business with South Wales Police

Payment Performance Statistics

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